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Eastern Shore Democrats 

Accomack County & Northampton County Democratic Committees
February 2019

Accomack County Democratic Committee Meeting News

The February ACDC meeting was a busy and eventful evening. We are gearing up for the Nov. 2019 elections and candidates are already visiting and getting to know the members. 

Phil Hernandez is running for Delegate for the 100th District against Rob Bloxom. He is a native of the Hampton Roads, attended the College of William and Mary, and worked in the Obama White House as an intern, and eventually became a civil rights attorney whose mission is criminal justice and all workers' rights. He is running because we need to coordinate VA and Federal agencies to establish sustainable sources of energy, and address clean air and water, climate change, broadband and smart investments in people. 

Donald Hart and Reneta Major spoke about their new positions as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Accomack County Board of Supervisors, their plans for reelection and addressed clean air and environmental concerns for the county. Reneta said she supports better school boards; she is active on A-NPDC, Transportation Board, Aging and Social Services boards. She believes the BOS needs more diversity.

Several candidates for Accomack Board of Supervisors spoke to the members including Vanessa Johnson (District 3) and Miriam Riggs (District 7). Accomack School Board candidates Lisa Johnson (District 3) and Ronnie Holden (District 7) also made brief remarks.

Willie Randall, a well known local businessman, announced his intention to run for the VA State Senator District 6 seat. He talked about his reasons for running, his qualifications and his policy proposals for the district which includes Accomack County (All), Mathews County (All), Northampton County (All), Norfolk City (Part), and Virginia Beach City (Part), Randall will be running against incumbent Sen. Lynwood Lewis who has represented Accomack County as 100th District Delegate from 2004-2014 and as a District 6 Senator from: 2014- Present.

The March 2019 ACDC Meeting will be at 6 pm on March 6 at the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Building, 19056 Parkway Road, Melfa, VA 23410. Click here for map to meeting address. The committee normally meets on the First Wednesday of each Month @ 6 pm. Check out the ACDC website and the Facebook Page.

Northampton County Democratic Comittee Meeting News

The February meeting of the NCDC addressed the committee's plans and agenda for the coming year.  The featured speaker, Phil Hernandez, gave an excellent presentation. He is a Democrat and former Obama White House staffer who will be running for 100th District Delegate in the November election.

The next NCDC meeting on March 5th will feature Charlene Gray, Northampton Commissioner of Revenue, and HD-100 candidate Phil Hernandez. The April 2nd NCDC meeting will feature Northampton County Sheriff David L. Doughty, Jr. 

The March meeting will be held at 7 pm on March 5 at the Northampton Social Services Building, 5265 The Hornes, Eastville, VA 23347. Click here for map to meeting addressNormally the NCDC meets on the First Tuesday of each Month @ 7 pm. Check out the NCDC website and the Facebook Page.

Annual New & Renewal Membership Drive

What do the local Democratic Committees do? The purpose of both the Accomack and Northampton County Democratic Committees is to elect Democratic candidates to public office and to expand the Democratic electorate. Local committees are the backbone of the state and national Democratic Party. Democratic candidates rely on local committees for many tasks, including registering voters, contacting voters, getting out the vote and staffing the polls on Election Day. These grassroots efforts are essential to the election of Democrats and expanding our electorate.

Your local Democratic Committee serves as the bridge between grassroots activists and our candidates and officeholders, providing the organizational voice and support it takes to win elections. The role of the party and its leaders has evolved to include helping coordinate our candidates’ campaign efforts with the Democratic Party of Virginia not only during the traditional campaign season, but also through year-round party building and organizational activities and direct candidate services.

There are two levels of Committee Membership: Voting Member and Supporting Member. Voting Membership is for those who can attend meetings and be involved quite regularly. Supporting Membership is for those who can only ocasionally be involved in our activities, but wish to support the Committee.

Accomack Committee

Accomack County - All memberships and renewals are only $15 annually. Our online form provides convenience and a secure method of payment. Alternatively, you can dowload a paper application which can be printed, filled in and mailed back to the address shown.

Northampton Committee

Northampton County - All memberships and renewals are only $15 annually. Our online form provides convenience and a secure method of payment. Alternatively, you can dowload a paper application which can be printed, filled in and mailed back to the address shown. 

Phil Hernandez Kicks Off
House of Delegates 100th District Campaign

Phil Hernandez Campaign Kickoff
The 100th District covers a lot of ground. It spans more than 100 miles and takes over 2 hours to drive from top to bottom. For that reason, and because Pjil is committed to running an inclusive, accessible campaign, we've planned four kick-off events across the district next week: two in Accomack County, one in Northampton County, and one in the City of Norfolk. And we're just getting started. Please visit the link below to RSVP.
  1. Refuge Inn, Chincoteague (Accomack): Click here to RSVP 
  2. Onley Town Center (Accomack): Click here to RSVP
  3. Cape Charles Coffee House (Northampton): Click here to RSVP
  4. Coaster Coffee (Norfolk): Click here to RSVP

Legislative Update from Senator Lynwood Lewis

Lewis shares latest news from current General Assembly session

Senator Lynwood Lewis

It is truly a crazy time to be in Richmond for General Assembly Session. While there is a lot happening unrelated to legislation, we still must govern. With Crossover on February 6, we have hundreds of Bills to debate and vote on before we receive the House’s Bills and direct them to Committee. We are also reviewing the Senate and House Budgets that were just released.

The week kicked off with an incredible day at the Capitol; teachers, students and public education advocates descended on Richmond to share their stories and ask their legislators to prioritize public education. We have seen successful #RedforEd movements in other states, and I am hopeful that we will see significant changes related to public education both in the final Budget and in legislation. In my view, these should include the desired pay increase for teachers, funding to enable the change of the student-to-guidance counselor ratio and investments to address major infrastructure issues in our rural and urban school districts. I was visited by educators, students, parents and public school staff from across the 6th Senate District, including the Kiptopeke Elementary PTA. It was a treat to be able to take their group on the Senate Floor and I hope to be able to do the same for groups visiting from the Eastern Shore in the future.

In addition to many visits and advocacy days at the Capitol, my legislation has been relatively successful in moving through the Senate. Last week I discussed several Bills related to local issues on the Eastern Shore, all of which made it out of Committee. This past week each also passed unanimously on the Senate Floor, as did my Bill related to Groundwater withdrawal within the Eastern Shore Ground Management Area. This legislation – SB1599 – is critical for the Shore and I am pleased to see it be so readily embraced by my colleagues and well-received by those back home.

The final week before Crossover also saw the hearing of SB1559, my Bill to expand C-PACE Loans to include resiliency within the parameters for loan distribution. C-PACE stands for Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy and relates to financing for green energy upgrades. Many states have seen their C-PACE programs become more robust over recent years and this legislation should help in giving our C-PACE program here in Virginia stronger. It will also enable our 

region specifically to access another resource to make lasting and necessary commercial improvements to ensure our buildings and businesses are not only more energy efficient, but also more resilient – a critical need as we make every effort to adapt to and find solutions for coastal flooding and sea level rise. This Bill received strong support from both the business community and the environmental community; it passed unanimously out of Committee and the full Senate.

There was much conversation during the beginning of the Session around a set of Bills related to casinos and gambling; as it stands, these Bills, including my Bill pertaining to the Pamunkey Indian Tribe and their potential Norfolk casino, were all rolled into Senator Louise Lucas’ Bill and will head to a study to be completed by 2020.

My legislation to include beneficial use and recycling in the Virginia public school curriculum – SB1561 – passed unanimously after getting hung up on a technicality last Session in Senate Finance, and my resolution put forth at the request of the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters to declare July as National Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month passed as well.

While SB1570, my legislation to create an Adult Abuse Registry, was not quite ready to move forward due to a hefty price tag and bureaucratic issues, we do believe we will be able to iron out the details prior to next Session. At my request, the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services will be putting together a report on the true costs of developing this important database, as well as working with me to ensure the legislation is both comprehensive and feasible. I am confident that heightened attention around the issue of elderly abuse will result in the positive reception of this Bill next year, particularly with the planned work in the off-session.

The end of Session is quickly approaching, but there is still time to visit! We adjourn February 23 and I encourage everyone to come see us in Richmond before then and to continue to monitor the activities of the legislature on the General Assembly website I can be reached at our legislative email and while in Richmond by telephone at (804) 698-7506. Please do not hesitate to contact me on issues with questions about legislation or on issues of concern.

Editor's Comments on a couple of important bills under consideration

HB2790 - Absentee voting; no-excuse in-person available beginning on second Saturday immediately preceding election. Allows for any registered voter to vote by absentee ballot in person beginning on the second Saturday immediately preceding any election in which he is qualified to vote without providing a reason or making prior application for an absentee ballot. The bill makes absentee voting in person available beginning on the forty-fifth day prior to the election and ending at 5:00 p.m. on the Saturday immediately preceding the election. The bill retains the current provisions for voting an absentee ballot by mail or in person prior to the second Saturday immediately preceding the election, including the application requirement and the list of statutory reasons for absentee voting.

SJ306 - Virginia’s state senate last week unanimously approved a constitutional amendment that, if ratified, would remove unfair partisan advantage from the state’s congressional and legislative map drawing process. The amendment, SJ306, would create an advisory commission to draft maps and establish state-level protections for communities of color.

Also, a federal court on Thursday, Feb. 14th, approved new district boundaries for the Virginia House of Delegates that were drawn by a court-appointed expert and are likely to benefit Democrats in November’s state election.  The U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Virginia voted 2 to 1 to finalize the map, which would put six Republicans into districts that would probably become majority Democratic, according to an analysis of recent elections by the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project. House Speaker Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) has said he will appeal the ruling to the SCOTUS, however the current ruling is in effect immediately.

Vanessa Johnson Announces Candidacy for Accomack District 3 Supervisor

Vanessa Johnson
Vanessa Johnson, of New Church,  announced Tuesday that she will seek the District 3 seat on the Accomack County Board of Supervisors in the November General Election. Johnson says she is no novice to public service. For more than 10 years, she has served as an election official in the county and as a community volunteer who assisted with voter registration and transportation. In 2016, Johnson organized and directed the Eastern Shore initiative of Souls to the Polls, a nationwide nonpartisan program committed to growing voter participation 
through increased voter registration, linking voters to related resources, and assisting with restoration of voter rights.

As a native of the region and graduate of Arcadia High School, Johnson said she “is passionate about district and county issues and passionate  about the importance of ‘every voice heard’ to facilitate new ideas, change and progress in county government.” Johnson also attended Woodbridge Business College and has worked for more than 30 years at Accomack County Department of Public Works. She also works part time for Somerset Community Services, in Maryland, as a licensed Certified Medication Technician. Johnson has four adult children. She is a member of Jerusalem Baptist Church, in Temperanceville, and is active with the Eastern Shore Virginia-Maryland Baptist Association where she serves on the Social Justice Committee. Johnson has led numerous training workshops on social justice and community involvement-related topics.
According to a prepared statement,  “Those who know Johnson know her genuine concern for all humanity and her strong commitment to giving back to the community through professional organizations, faith-based groups, and public service. Johnson is described as conscientious, diligent, and a go-getter who is willing to step up to the plate to lead and facilitate, (and) change for the better.” 

In the role of District 3 supervisor, Johnson said she sees “an opportunity to apply her leadership, listening,  and networking skills to help bring about positive change to the community and county.” Because Johnson works for the county, she would have to abstain from some votes to avoid a conflict of interest. If elected, she would be the first county employee, with the exception of school workers, to serve on the board of supervisors. 

Supervisor Grayson Chesser, who currently holds the seat, said last week that he would not seek another four-year term. 

Gray and Doughty Announce  Re-Election For  Northampton  Constitutional Offices

Charlene Gray
David Doughty
Northampton County Commissioner of the Revenue Charlene Gray is seeking a second four-year term.  “It is my pleasure each day to serve the citizens of this great county,” said Gray. 

Gray’s focus for the preceding three years has been on improving customer service, with a mission of “Customer’s First in All That We Do”. The customer first attitude is easily achieved because I have a great group of people on my team; they are dedicated and committed to the task and to the citizens of this county.

According to Gray’s press release, in the previous three years Northampton has generated two reassessments with the 2018 reassessment being completed on time; rehab property applications are being approved within five days; state and local budgets processed in a timely manner. The office has been cited for the excellent manner in which the sales analysis report has been prepared and submitted. Also under Gray’s leadership the enrollment for tax relief for elderly and/or handicap has grown; the household income level for the handicap and/or elderly program has increased, meaning more taxpayers could qualify for real estate tax relief.

The Commissioner of Revenue’s office offers one stop business registration, Virginia State Income tax preparation, and accelerated tax refund processing. It is also responsible for assessing all Real and Personal Property in the county. We manage about sixteen thousand parcels of real estate and nearly twenty-two thousand personal property items. The office is also responsible for all excise taxes as well as all locally filed income and estimated taxes.

Gray continues to work toward her Master Commissioner’s certification; she has continued her education through courses such as Land Use Taxation, Real Estate Assessing, and Advance Personal Property Training, Understanding the Code of Virginia, Business Auditing, and Tax Exemption in Virginia.

Gray began her career as a Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue in August 1990, under the guidance of the Late Kenneth Arnold, and then under the leadership of The Honorable Anne G. Sayers, where she served for 25 years prior to being elected Commissioner of the Revenue in November 2015.

Gray is active in the community, serving as a camp leader for the 2017 Northampton Youth Cultural Enrichment Camp. She served as a mentor and coach to a student at the local Boys and Girls Club. Gray is currently serving on the Commissioner of the Revenue Associations 100th Anniversary planning committee. Gray is a member of the Virginia Association of Local Tax Auditors and the Commissioner of the Revenue Association of Virginia.
Gray is a 1979 graduate of Northampton County Schools, she holds an Associate Degree in Computer Technology from ECPI, Norfolk, VA. Gray is the mother of Army Staff Sgt. Charmarletta Mapp, who currently serves in Anchorage Alaska. Her parents Bennie and Annie Gray reside in Eastville.

Gray commented “As your Commissioner of the Revenue, my team and I remain committed to providing polite, prompt, and professional service. We will continue to ensure fair and equitable assessing. As we progress forwardly, we will continue to explore and implement ways to improve the quality of service and ensure that our office is operating as efficiently as possible. As your Commissioner, I will continue to be accessible, accountable, and committed to the citizens of this county with my pledge to continue serving with honesty and integrity. Truly it is my pleasure to serve as Commissioner of Revenue for Northampton County.”

Northampton County Sheriff David L. Doughty, Jr. announced his intention to seek re-election for a third term. He began his career with the Sheriff’s Office as a Jail Deputy in 1994 under Sheriff Wayne Bradford. In 1996 he was promoted to Patrol Deputy and in 1998 to Criminal Investigator. In 2002 he was promoted to Chief Deputy and served in that position until December 31, 2010. Doughty was appointed Sheriff January 1, 2011 after the retirement of Sheriff Jack Robbins.

Doughty is a 1989 graduate of Northampton High School and received his associate degree in 1991 from Virginia Tech. He is the son of Peggy and Paul Rogers of Cape Charles and the late David L. Doughty, Sr. of Willis Wharf. His wife Cathryn Doughty has worked for 29 years as a teacher and coach for Northampton County Public Schools.

He is a member of the Cape Charles Lions Club, Cape Charles Rotary Club, American Legion Post 56, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 62, Cheriton Volunteer Fire Company, and the Cheriton Baptist Church. He also serves on several boards and commissions; Eastern Shore Boys and Girls Club Advisory Board, Randy Custis Memorial Fund Board, Eastern Shore of Virginia 911 Commission, Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Board, Virginia Special Olympics Torch Run Region 13 Director, and the Eastern Shore Regional Jail Board. He also serves on the By Laws Committee with the Virginia Sheriff’s Association and has served as the Region 10 Director. Sheriff Doughty also has headed up the Sheriff’s Office Charity Golf Tournament which in the past 17 years has contributed thousands of dollars to the Riverside Hospice Fund and the Randy Custis Memorial Fund.

Since becoming Sheriff, Doughty with the help of his Staff has been able to enhance the overall service that the Sheriff’s Office provides to the citizens of Northampton County. Recently, programs such as Project Lifesaver and Tip 411 have been made available to the community. Project Life Saver is a program that is used to locate individuals that have cognitive disorders that cause wandering. The Tip 411 Program gives citizens the ability to send anonymous tips regarding non emergency information using any device that has cellular service or is connected to the internet.

The Sheriff’s Office has also partnered with Northampton County Public Schools offering active intruder training that included threat assessments and an emergency alert program. The InForce 911 software enables staff members to notify law enforcement of a school threat from the classroom using a laptop, tablet or mobile device. It also allows the staff to send law enforcement live information on the status of the threat through an open chat line. Additionally, on-site threat assessments and active intruder training has also been presented to many of our local churches.

The Sheriff’s Office is also working on an Offender Re-entry Program at the Eastern Shore Regional Jail. The program will assist with giving eligible offenders, when they are released from incarceration, the necessary tools and skills to be successful citizens in the community. Individuals who complete all aspects of the program will be eligible to participate in the “Ready to Work” phase that enables them to go out on work release or be a part of the Sheriff’s Work Force. The program will be facilitated by the Regional Jail Staff, community organizations, local businesses, and volunteers. The program is expected to launch in the summer of 2019.

Sheriff Doughty gives credit to his staff for the management of the many programs his Office has available. “They are all working to further their education though training and specialty law enforcement classes. This provides a better service to our citizens.”

Miriam Riggs Announces Candidacy for Accomack District 7 Supervisor

Miriam Riggs
Miriam Riggs of Cashville has recently announced her candidacy for the Accomack County District 7 Supervisor seat. Miriam has lived within this district for 32 years working as a free-lance artist and small business owner. She has also become involved in many issues facing Accomack County, and spoken out on matters of land use planning and environmental conservation at public meetings and through numerous letters to local newspaper editors.

Miriam has served on the Accomack County Stakeholders Committee, the Board of Directors of Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore, and the Eastern Shore Artisans Guild. Also, she was a founding board member of Save Our Shore and of Central Green. Her exhibit designs may be found throughout the collections at the Barrier Islands Center Museum. Currently her work involves the restoration and interior decoration of a Virginia Historic Landmark house. She has a BA degree in Studio Art from Old Dominion University.

With previous work as announcer and News Director at WESR, and as a retail business owner, Miriam has developed a genuine understanding of the Eastern Shore community. She has felt a strong need to serve the community through her work and sees the Board of Supervisors as an opportunity to help the county operations move forward while also helping residents enjoy the benefits of living here.

Congresswoman Elaine Luria Expands Team, Announces New Staff Members

“I am proud to announce a skilled team that will perform outstanding constituent services and ensure that Coastal Virginians are heard on Capitol Hill. This is an experienced and talented group with a passion for public service,” Congresswoman-Elect Luria said. “Between Hampton Roads connections and Washington expertise, they share my pragmatic, bipartisan approach to getting things done for Virginia’s Second District. I look forward to working with my staff to execute Coastal Virginia’s top priorities – keeping our commitment to service members, veterans, and military families; making America safer and stronger; protecting our environment; and providing access to affordable health care.”
Luria Satff Members 1
Luria Staff Members 2

Kathryn Sorenson will lead Luria’s team as Chief of Staff, where she will oversee all legislative, messaging, and constituent-service operations in Washington and in the district offices. A native Virginian and veteran of the Virginia political scene, Sorenson served as Campaign Manager for Elaine Luria for Congress from launch day to Election Night. Sorenson is a graduate of American University.

Tyrone Bratton will serve as Legislative Director, where he will advise Congresswoman Luria on congressional votes and help execute her legislative agenda. A former resident of Virginia Beach, Bratton previously served on Capitol Hill as a HillVets Fellow and Military Legislative Assistant for Congressman Robert A. Brady (PA-01). A Duke University doctoral candidate, Bratton holds a master’s degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach. He founded LaughItOff Comedy, a veteran owned and operated clean comedy experience featuring comedians from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. 

Chris Carroll will serve as Communications Director, where he will spearhead all of Congresswoman Luria’s messaging operations, from press relations to social media and beyond. Carroll has served five years as Washington-based Press Secretary for Congressman Jim Cooper (TN-05). A Chattanooga native and a graduate of East Tennessee State University, Carroll was a political reporter and Washington correspondent for the Chattanooga Times Free Press before he began his career in government. 

Erin Carter will serve as Outreach Director, where she will helm all outreach initiatives and ensure Congresswoman-Elect Luria’s office is connected to the Second District’s people and priorities. Carter will be representing Congresswoman-Elect Luria throughout the district, and will be a liaison to government, business, and community leaders. A graduate of Norfolk State University, Carter previously served as an outreach representative for U.S. Sen. Mark Warner. Carter also assisted in legislative issues that impacted the Hampton Roads region. 

Dave Wickersham will serve as District Director and Military Liaison, where he will lead the team’s efforts on constituent services and interface with service members, veterans, and military families. A U.S. Naval Academy graduate, Wickersham served 26 years in the Navy as a nuclear-power-qualified Surface Warfare Officer, culminating in his command of USS ROSS (DDG-71), homeported in Norfolk. Wickersham served on the Joint Staff and at U.S. Fleet Forces Command before retiring as a Captain. He has led ships through repair and modernization periods in four local shipyards, and is a leader of Boy Scout Troop 1 in Norfolk. 

Kate Fegley will serve as Scheduler, where she will manage Congresswoman  Luria’s daily agenda. Fegley grew up a member of a military family and has called Coastal Virginia home for the past decade. A graduate of the College of William & Mary, Fegley holds a master’s degree from Claremont Graduate University. 

Jonathan Gerstell will serve as Legislative Assistant, where he will track congressional legislation and work with constituents to advance important Coastal Virginia priorities. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Jonathan previously worked on campaigns in Illinois and was a legislative intern in the office of U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (CT-04).

Dominque Wardell will serve as a Legislative Assistant in Washington, where she will track congressional legislation and work with constituents of Coastal Virginia to advance the priorities of the district. A native Virginian, Wardell has worked on Capitol Hill for more than five years. Previously, she was a Legislative Aide with Senator Harry Reid and an Executive Assistant and Scheduler for Congressman Cedric Richmond. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Wardell holds a master's degree in Public Policy from Drexel University.

Juanita Williams will serve as a Caseworker in Virginia Beach, where she will provide constituent services. A retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer, Williams served 24 years as an Aviation Machinist Mate. Williams managed 17 commands as the Alcohol and Drug Control Officer (ADCO) for Commander, Helicopter Sea Combat Wing Atlantic. Williams has lived in Virginia Beach since 1998 and attended Bryant & Stratton College, where she completed her associate degree in Human Resources. 

Caleb Smith will serve as a Caseworker on the Peninsula, where he will provide constituent services and represent Congresswoman Luria at events on the Peninsula. Smith studied Political Science at Christopher Newport University and received an associate degree from Thomas Nelson Community College. Smith has lived on the Peninsula for 24 years. 

Virginia Hagerott will serve as Legislative Correspondent in Washington, where she will document, research, and draft responses to constituents regarding legislative topics. Previously, Hagerott worked on Capitol Hill as a Staff Assistant for Senator Heidi Heitkamp. Hagerott earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Maryland and was born to a Navy family in Norfolk. She and her two siblings were raised by a U.S. Navy Captain who was sent on multiple deployments from Naval Station Norfolk over the years. Hagerott’s personal experience in a military family stationed in Norfolk strongly motivates her to serve the families of the Second Congressional District. 

Jonah Kim will serve as Staff Assistant in Washington, where he will handle and oversee administrative responsibilities such as U.S. Capitol tours, flag requests, and special projects. Kim earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communications at the Pennsylvania State University, and he gained valuable Capitol Hill experience interning in the offices of Senator Claire McCaskill and Congressman Brendan F. Boyle.

  • Staff at Luria's Washington, DC office can handle most questions and service requests you may have. You are welcome to phone or send a message through the U.S. Postal Service. Please note that postal mail is the slowest method for contacting us. All postal mail sent to offices must be scanned for security purposes, which means it will take an additional two weeks for them to receive it. 
  • Website:
  • E-Mail Contact:  You can e-mail Congresswoman Luria from her website.
  • Washington, DC Office: 534 Cannon HOB , Washington, DC 20515, Phone: (202) 225-4215 
  • Virginia Beach Office: 283 Constitution Way, One Columbus Center, Suite 900, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, Phone: (757) 364-7650, Fax: (757) 687-8298
  • Eastern Shore Office: 25020 Shore Parkway, Onley, VA 23418. Office being opened soon. No phone number available yet. I just called the DC office to confirm.
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Access the Virginia Department of Elections website to register to vote online, to review your current voter registration status, and/or submit updates to your voter registration.


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