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The purpose of both the Accomack and Northampton County Democratic Committees is to elect Democratic candidates to public office and to expand the Democratic electorate. Local committees are the backbone of the state and national Democratic Party. Democratic candidates rely on local committees for many tasks, including registering voters, contacting voters, getting out the vote and staffing the polls on Election Day. These grassroots efforts are essential to the election of Democrats and expanding our electorate.

Your local Democratic Committee serves as the bridge between grassroots activists and our candidates and officeholders, providing the organizational voice and support it takes to win elections. The role of the party and its leaders has evolved to include helping coordinate our candidates’ campaign efforts with the Democratic Party of Virginia not only during the traditional campaign season, but also through year-round party building and organizational activities and direct candidate services.

Become a Member of the Accomack Committee or Renew Your Membership in the Accomack Committee

Annual dues are only $15.

Become a Member of the Northampton Committee or Renew Your Membership in the Northampton Committee

Annual dues are only $15.